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What's power pop?

Power pop (or powerpop) is a popular musical genre that draws its inspiration from 1960s British and American pop and rock music. It typically incorporates a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies, economical arrangements, and prominent guitar riffs. Instrumental solos are usually kept to a minimum, and blues elements are largely downplayed. Recordings tend to display production values that lean toward compression and a forceful drum beat. Instruments usually include one or more electric guitars, an electric bass guitar, a drum kit, and sometimes electric keyboards or synthesizers. While its cultural impact has waxed and waned over the decades, power pop is among rock's most enduring subgenres.

Who's power pop?

Badfinger, Dwight Twilley Band, Big Star, The Raspberries, Blue Ash, 20/20, Cheap Trick, Shoes, The Records, The Motors, The Spongetones, Marshall Crenshaw, The Knack, The Smithereens, Jellyfish, Teenage Fanclub, Weezer, Brendan Benson...

and many, many more

What's this Tumblr all about?

This is a place for videos, songs, photographs, articles.. anything and everything power pop. A celebration of jangly guitars and sweet harmonies! A cornucopia of catchy choruses and chiming chords!

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Coming up this Saturday May 11th Phono Select Records Presents and Punch and Pie Productions brings you the not to be missed Power Pop/MOD/Punk/Rock n Roll show of the year over at Bows and Arrows!

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The Beat - Don’t Wait Up For Me

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Paul Collins' Beat,
To Beat Or Not To Beat + Long Time Gone + 3 bonustracks


day 07 - a song that reminds you of a certain event

Paul Collins’ Beat- “All Over The World” (1983)

My friends Mark (from This Blue Heaven) and Joe and I get together (not often enough anymore) to gather people at Mark’s house, play records, and drink beer. The first time we did this I kind of appointed myself head DJ, this was the first song I played. A girl, a friend of Mark and Joe’s I did not know, walked into the room about a minute into this and asked if it was the new Jimmy Eat World.

Cool story, bro!

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The first Power Pop-A-Licious music festival will take place on Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st at the legendary rock club Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. Conceived and curated by power pop legend Paul Collins (cofounder of THE NERVES, THE BREAKAWAYS and THE BEAT) the fest will bring together some of the finest young guitar-driven power pop, garage rock and punk-pop bands from across the U.S. and Canada. Power Pop-A-Licious is a unifying rally cry for this thriving rock-n-roll subculture, and is a means for power pop fans of all ages to discover a wealth of talented new music acts in one power-packed weekend.
Collins explains the concept behind the festival, “I was touring all over the country with my Beat Army Tours, when it hit me, I gotta bring all these great bands I’m playing with together for one crazy weekend!”

This all-ages event is ground zero for a burgeoning DIY power pop scene that’s been fueled by the immediacy of the Internet, the devotion of its fans, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Each day will feature bands from different regions of the country, with local DJs spinning sets to create an all-day dance party atmosphere. Similar in approach to “happenings” in 1960’s London, Power Pop-A-Licious is no mere rock n’ roll concert, it’s an event. DJs, performance artist’s video projections, and, of course, the spirited, high-energy live rock-n-roll performances from all these great new bands will provide the entertainment. The world-famous Asbury Lanes, where the two day fest will take place, is a vintage bowling alley, bar and live music venue with a capacity of 300, and is located in the heart of beautiful Asbury Park.

Tickets for the fest will be $15 for Saturday and $10 for Sunday, and will be available to purchase online through TicketWeb:

BAM BAMS (Baltimore)
PEACES (Brooklyn)
BAXX SISI’S (Brooklyn)
LANDLORD (Bloomington, ID)
FUTURE VIRGINS (Chattanooga)
AMOEBAS (Grand Rapids)
HALF RATS (Indianapolis)

BFs (Gloucester)
KURT BAKER (Portland, ME)
THE ABOVE (Brooklyn)
GLORY FIRES (Birmingham)
THE SIGHTS ( Detroit)

Power Pop-A-Licious is sponsored by The Beat Army, Hotel Tides Restaurant & Spa, The Empress, Comet Ping Pong, Vinyl District, GaragePunk NYC,, JJ’s Bohemia, Sluggo’s Vegetarian Cafe, Alive Records, and Hoboken Recorders.

Likely Lads - That’s What Life Is All About

Likely Lads, a young Italian band, cover the Paul Collins’ Beat classic!

Join today to be a part of the powerpop of tomorrow!

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The Beat,
The Beat


The Beat- Walking Out On Love

A highly recommended track if you dig the following: The Replacements, Big Star/Alex Chilton’s later solo records, The Nerves (of course), The dB’s, Sneakers, Nick Lowe, and just really joyful power pop. One minute and forty-six seconds long, and it doesn’t need to be longer than one minute and forty-six seconds.

Original power-pop mainman Paul Collins talks about the genre and why you should join his BEAT ARMY on Facebook


The Beat - “Rock n’ Roll Girl”


“A Los Angeles-based power pop outfit formed by Paul Collins(ex-Nerves), the Beat recorded its self-titled debut LP after signing to Columbia Records in 1979. Despite good reviews and some regional success, the album failed to make much impact. A second attempt, 1982’s The Kids Are the Same (this time credited to Paul Collins’ Beat), also failed and effectively broke up the band. However, Collinsreturned the following year with a harder-rocking lineup includingPatti Smith Group drummer Jay Dee Daugherty. Their EP, To Beat or Not to Beat, was again ignored; it proved to be the band’s last recording. While it seemed that the Beat’s only claim to fame would be forcing the (English) Beat to change its name in the U.S., their albums are now seen as classic examples of power pop. Paul Collinsreturned to a solo career into the ’90s, signing to Wagon Wheel Records.”